Progressive Physician Associates Radiologists staff St. Luke’s Breast Imaging which is a state of the art digital imaging facility with experienced radiologists, technologists and nurses aimed at providing unsurpassed quality and efficiency for patients.

Screening mammograms are performed at numerous St. Luke’s facilities while the diagnostic evaluations are consolidated into the Regional Breast Center in one location in Lehigh Valley. This “hub and spoke model” of multiple screening centers feeding into a central diagnostic center has allowed for tremendous efficiency as well as other unique advantages, such as same day biopsies and genetic analysis of malignancies. All image guided biopsies are also performed at the Regional Breast Center allowing breast imagers to work under one roof in a collaborative environment surrounded by a staff of breast health care nurses, expert mammography and ultrasound technologists aimed at expertly guiding patients through the process.

Using the latest GE Senographe digital mammography and Logiq 9 ultrasound equipment, the Regional Breast Center is unsurpassed in imaging quality. An active breast MRI program and high volume breast biopsy schedule are all factors in our ACR Center of Excellence designation.