Nuclear Medicine

We provide Nuclear medicine technology and therapy for the diagnosis, treatment and management of many disease processes. These include Oncology, Pulmonary Cardiology Endocrinology and neurology as well as many other related fields.

The department offers state of the art technology to image the brain, heart ,lungs, thyroid, bone and other organs, as well as whole body imaging using both SPECT scanning and whole body PET scanning. Our focus is on oncology imaging utilizing the latest FDA approved radiopharmaceuticals and imaging them on the best GE scanners available in the market today. Our 11imaging systems offer the latest software to help acquire and process imaging data which is then sent to radiologists with specialized training in this field.

The Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging works closely with many other specialties to help coordinate care and determine the best treatment options for you. It does so with an emphasis on achieving the best outcome with the least dose or exposure to the patient.

We offer a wide range of procedures which may help diagnose, stage or treat a wide variety of conditions.

These include

  • Brain imaging such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinsonism
  • Cardiac imaging such as Coronary artery disease or ventricular function
  • Musculoskeletal disease such as occult fracture or metastatic disease
  • Genitourinary system such as renal failure or obstruction
  • Pulmonary system to evaluate for emboli or lung cancer
  • Gallbladder imaging to evaluate for gallbladder dysfunction or acute inflammation
  • Infection imaging to identify source of unknown infection

We also offer a molecular therapy team, to help you navigate through the individualized therapy process for a variety of disease entities.

These include

  • Radioiodine therapy for Thyroid cancer and Hyperthyroidism
  • Radioimmunotherapy for Lymphoma
  • Radiotherapy for the treatment of bone pain