Our Computerized Tomography (CT) Department offers advanced technology, caring professional service and the outstanding diagnostic performance of our radiologists. The ability to render detailed views of tissues at different depths of the body makes CT an invaluable diagnostic tool and helps reduce the need for invasive exploratory surgery.

At Progressive Physician Associates, one of our core beliefs is that powerful technologies must be used responsibly with patient safety at the top of mind in everything we do. Our mission is to achieve the best possible diagnostic accuracy with the least possible radiation dose. Our partner, the St. Luke’s University Health Network, has invested in the most cutting-edge GE dose reduction software in the area.

We have the advantage of working with the excellent equipment at facilities within the St. Luke’s system and the advanced training of the Progressive Physician Associates radiologists, allowing for a wide array of advanced CT services. Every CT scanner in the network operates under ASIR, or Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction, which provides patients with up to 50 percent dose reduction for body imaging when compared to earlier scans. In addition, our expert subspecialty radiologists employ the most progressive CT protocols recommended by the American College of Radiology, ImageWisely.Org, and ImageGently.Org.

In addition to standard imaging of the head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, our CT scanners are routinely used in exams of the heart, blood vessels, brain, abdomen and musculoskeletal anatomy, including coronary CT Angiography, CT Colonography, CT Enterography and CT Brain Perfusion, as well as bone and joint exams such as 3D CT of extremities along with other 21st-Century applications. Some examples of this powerful imaging can be seen below.