What can you expect when you schedule an MRI at a facility where Progressive Physician Associates provides the medical imaging services?

Our team has the right equipment and the right expertise to provide the prompt, accurate diagnostic answers you need, along with the right mindset when it comes to serving patients and the physicians who refer them.

The Progressive Physician Associates team of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists has at our disposal state-of-the-art MRI equipment and software, enabling us to obtain exquisite imaging of the body.

This, in combination with subspecialty expertise and fellowship training, allows us to provide the most accurate imaging and diagnosis available. Radiologists on the Progressive Physician Associates team have fellowship training in subspecialty fields such as neuroradiology, body imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, thoracic imaging and breast imaging, giving us the ability to image any body part with first-rate specialized expertise.

Our MRI equipment includes several 1.5 Tesla MRI units and a wide bore 1.5 Tesla unit. With this group of magnets and the ability to offer anesthesia, we can provide MRI imaging for patients of all ages and size. Anesthesia is often used for patients with claustrophobia as well.

We are able to offer state-of-the-art breast MRI examinations, including MRI guided breast biopsy.

Our newest equipment allows us to obtain angiographic images of the vascular system without the need for contrast. This is particularly helpful in patients with acute or chronic renal insufficiency or a history of severe allergic reaction to contrast.

Diagnostic Radiology Services

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